I started this blog to help Nigerians, this blog is about ideas, both fresh,old and unique ideas. All positive ideas are welcome. This blog is not profit oriented and posts, comments and ideas that add value are welcomed. However knowing Nigerians, here are the ground rules.

1- No marketing of your wares or knowledge- If you know something or have a success story and want to share it for the benefit of everyone, please do, however sale or marketing of ideas, goods or services will not be tolerated.

2- Insults and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, please be respectful and cordial in all your posts and comments.

3- Keep it simple and do not disclose personal information that might leave you vulnerable. In so much as this site has noble motives, i have not control over the type of people that visit and use this site.

It is my hope that this site will be a treasure trove of ideas and information that will drive a change in the mindset of ordinary Nigerians, and promote solutions that will tailored for the complex Nigerian economy.


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